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Infused Agave Syrup

The agave syrup originates from Mexico, where it can be produced from several types of species of the agave plant; including the agave tequilana and salmiana.  The syrup is a healthy alternative to sugar; it is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and one hundred percent vegan. It has a low glycemic index, which makes it diabetic friendly and it does not spike up blood sugar levels.



Fruit Shakes

Make the best out of your gathering and surprise your firends with a fancy and nutritious cocktail.

Get inspired by our carefully created recipes and learn the basics of bartenderig. Our Cocktail-set comes with everything you need to make your own healthy cocktails.

Coming soon!

CBD infused products

Farm grown in Switzerland, our CBD is known for its impecable quality and its capacity of reducing anxiety and help you relax

Together with our selection of nutricocktails and infused agave sirup, you can achieve a healhier life-style and focus on what most matters to you. 

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